Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The First Step- Easel Time

There is always a starting point on taking on a new challenge or endeavor. I started with an easel today.
It is called is called a box table easel. It was on sale, I had a gift card as a gift, so out of pocket  costs today were small. However it will take time to gather up what I need to paint. I decided to start with acrylics.

Next year will be an amazing time and an even more amazing learning curve on my behalf. I will still be drawing as always and plan to start adding in a painting here and there.

I will try to temper my impatience and urge to know how to do it now. As I am older, I feel I do not have the luxury of years and years of time to learn the craft. But one thing, you know I will do my best as always.

It is a good size. it should work well for quite awhile

I like the fact that there is storage for brushes and paint

It also locks and has a carrying case

My only concern will be the storage of the painting
and the palette

There you have it, the start of my new adventure


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