Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fast and Furious

the teacher asked for a drawing with movement
I think he succeeded 
do you see the second car?

bird on the table

another classroom assignment

Paper not plastic bags...son

Shattered Dreams...son

an idea came to him, this is the result!

Why so serious?...son

he told me it was a challenge to get the makeup right, looks like the challenge was met!

A gift to a birthday girl...son

an invite to a birthday party resulted in a request for a portrait drawing present of the birthday girl done by my son.
it pays to have skills!

Green Eyes...son

classroom homework time...son

not all fun and games or is it?

John Vesely...son

My son's first commission artwork, how cool is that

a friend of my son asked him to do a musical group picture, of course I am clueless,
 I think it came out well.
Over six hours to do this.
got paid, how cool is that!

Miss Miley...son

Window to the soul...son

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