Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Drawing Journey, Part One


Recently I decided to draw everyday at lunch time at work.
I pop in my ear buds, turn up my music and get to drawing.
I want to work from photos eventually I think, that may change.
I will see as I go.
Something parts I drew I felt good about.
When annoyed, I x-it out, or slash through it in disgust.
Most of this is done on my lunch, time flies, I don't want to get back to work.
How good will I get by years end, we will see.
I was kind of nervous doing this in front of people at first.
People do come up to see what I am doing. A few shared that they drew also.

to be continued.

building on face structure

eyes, mouth, lips

flipping through a book
I thought I could draw the drawing

practice, practice

hands must be learned

eyes, hand grasping

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